Types Of Argument Support

Let’s talk about types of support for your argument now that you have your position Nicki Minaj is the queen of rap music you have your three reasons now you have to explain why this is what we mean by support so facts are evidence based on objective data about something that is true if something is a fact it has to be true and able to be proven for example any time you see statistics we usually count that as a fact at the end of this sentence you see Anna balled 85% of students get their test scores back within one hour of finishing their test and 95 percent of students get their scores within one day now we assume this is a fact because it has numbers in it. More articles about arguments and facts in essay at Edusson.

Now whether or not this organization is being truthful we don’t know but we’re just looking at what a fact is facts usually are objective and contain some form of numerical data the second kind of support you can use are anecdotes or illustrative examples brief stories media examples or personal stories should clearly relate to the argument so if you are still talking about Nicki Minaj you might want to talk about her performance at the VMAs wards and how people responded to it as a brief example to further your point on why she is the queen of music refer to an authority an authority is an expert an individual or an organization that can be relied on to give unbiased facts and information such as the American Heart Association so in talking about supporting evidence find sufficient evidence to support your claims here are your three points so now you need to find a research find stories buying facts find information that detail your three points there’s just an example of a link to an article that reads Nicki Minaj’s roman Reloaded debuts at number one on Billboard 200 which point out of the three will that support and perhaps it can support more than one point predicting the consequence is also an important part of argument especially in longer more sophisticated arguments.

It helps the reader visualize the consequences or what will occur if something does or does not happen let’s say you want all states to ban cell phone usage while driving because an increase of fatal accidents will occur parents might lose children children might lose parents all of this can be avoided if you just turn your cell phone off in the car so that’s predicting the consequence and helping the reader to visualize why States to get on the bandwagon and help us not to use our cell phones in the car by making it illegal another thing you definitely want to do in your argument is to answer the opposition you anticipate the counter arguments of critics or opposers to your point of view so let’s say someone thinks little Kim is the queen of rap music in your argument you need to anticipate what they might say and then give your very good reasons why they’re wrong remember in an argument you must take an identifiable position on your topic the thesis will state your position either for or against be very clear on what your position is clearly and logically support your position with a combination of facts expert opinions and examples remember an effective argument will also answer the opposition and predict consequences these last two answering the opposition and predicting consequences depends on how sophisticated your argument is.