Key Findings In Research

Any abstract will have a logic to it and and that logic is dependent on your particular project and what you want to emphasize and you would shift the order of these components depending on your particular project now evidence refers to providing sources and published peer review papers for components of your abstract so evidence in academic contexts generally comes from two sources primary research where you go out and collect the raw data and second research which is published and is often vetted by a peer-review system so it carries Authority so if you can provide evidence in the form of sources to add to your abstract it will make it stronger but there’s a caveat to this that not all abstracts have sources in them. Get to know more on key findings at Edusson.

So you might want to have a look at the abstracts example abstracts for what you are trying to prepare so for example journal articles generally don’t contain abstracts because it the abstract is is submitted with the article and you can read the detail in the article however conference abstracts often do contain sources because they are standalone documents so this is where you get you’re going to need to look at examples and then make these decisions in relation to your own discipline okay going continuing with what goes into an abstract the next thing that goes into the abstract is a statement of purpose and this again is a sentence or two so the purpose of this research is to and then whatever word you use after that implies the methodology if you use the word explore it means that’s a qualitative open-ended type of study if you use a word like evaluate that means that you have some kind of starting point and end points and some mechanism in between to evaluate between those two points so you need to think quite carefully about that particular word and then you might have statements a sentence to show that you’re closing the knowledge gap that you identified earlier on in in the abstract and what the purpose does is to state the broad goals of the research.

So in the abstract you would also need to have a sentence or two about the methodology the methods the materials the procedures and here it’s a very summarized statements about what you would probably have in a page or two in the actual document you could also include research questions we unpack the problem so the recruit the research questions should unpack the problem they also give an indication of the scope of the projects you don’t want to have ten questions for a conference paper and because that would be too much in abstracts you always find results or findings and you know I’m saying three key findings but really what I’m saying is you can’t obtain key findings in an abstract depending on the amount of time you have you could summarize it it into one key finding.