Filling Up The Essay

Often students commonly at the end of the bad essay when they realize that they haven’t really filled up enough space or if they are required to do two thousand words and they have only than 1500 what do they do commonly over and over again a less for the marker they repeat everything so they say as I said before in the beginning and off they go kin right and so it needs to be a work of art something which as I said before I think I said before it’s a journey across the desert of ignorance so your first steps on that journey in the first paragraph exciting they’re not frightening they’re not telling you all god am I going to get across this how am I going to get to the end of this they want you. Learn how to find material for your essay at Robotdon.

They make you want to read on and and they have done it without being pretentious they are simple because they’re the best words chosen and they lead you in the direction that was desired by the question Center they are answering the question when you mark hundreds or thousands of them you think thank god this person’s answering the question and your second paragraph encourages you to go across the desert a little further because you’ve got a little more information of the dangers or the excitement’s ahead and the third paragraph increases this and the fourth one doesn’t take a side track off somewhere else it stays on the journey because your water is low and you don’t want to dive word thirst or knowledge thirst if you like and so as that journey progresses the reader becomes more aware more excited more powerful as a human being and it’s all thanks to you now you’re nearly at the end oh god don’t say in conclusion oh no oh in conclusion what a boring word you know what so many people say in conclusion because they’ve learnt the formula their teacher has said to them now you’ve got to have a conclusion here’s a good word in conclude here a good phrase in conclusion.

Why not try something like as it can be seen from this powerful evidence that or you may think or one may think that this will follow and yet it may not be true yet the evidence suggests that this may be the wisest answer to the problems we had studied something that’s different something that doesn’t put your your reader or your marker to sleep all right then well of course there you are now at the end of the desert standing on the mountain triumphant aware of what you didn’t know before and I can trust you too perhaps think we’ll maybe that’s a reasonable outcome for a person who does anything to change the world make the world a slightly better place well now you’ll probably be glad to hear I’m Millie at the end of this this session by hope I hope you’ve enjoyed that journey across the desert with me.