Bucket List

It all started when you lost your job.  The reason for being out of work doesn’t matter.  It happened.  The question is “what are you doing with your free time?”

Free time? A job search doesn’t require 40 hours of work, thus free time.  If you are not careful, people will fill up your free time with chores you can do for them.  Spouses are always inclined to have you pick up more of the family responsibility, and that’s OK.  They are pulling in a salary and you are not.  But when the neighbors start asking you to run their kids to soccer practice; your free time is suddenly gone.  Have your children been volunteering you for activities?  They want to keep you from depression.  Whatever the reason, your free time is slipping away; because you let it.

Don’t let any one manage your time for you.  What do you want to do with your free time?   Most job searches can be conducted via computer and the phone; which means a search can be done from anywhere for a short while.  Got a”bucket list“?  Its that list of things you want to do before you kick the bucket.  When you are no longer unemployed, you can be satisfied that while on sabbatical, you accomplished something.  Not everything has to be expensive.  Is write a book on the list?  Create a piece of art?  Run a marathon a wish?  Research your family genealogy? Making a difference in someone’s life.  Getting the idea?