Beware – The Receptionist Tells All

The message is simple. While waiting for your interview, the nearest staff person can’t help but watch you. Professional receptionists make it their business to observe you. Why, you ask?

Because I would always check with the receptionist to find out what they observed. One time she reported overhearing the candidate on a cell phone speaking just 10 feet from her. “I can’t believe this jerk is keeping me waiting.” Not the kind of person we want to have on staff.

Another time she told me about a male candidate who was asking personal details about every pretty woman who walked by.  Again, not a good impression.

Many people let down their guard in the waiting room.  A couple sales people waiting to see me, went over their pricing strategy in front of the receptionist. So she slipped me a note. I knew their bottom price from the start of the negotiations. Unethical? I think not. The staff is not eaves-dropping. People are ignoring their existence, and speaking openly in front of them. Don’t make the same mistake. Be certain everyone you meet, and even pass in the hallway, gives a good report on you .